Concealed Carry CCW VA


AATC-Classes-CCW-Course Description/AATC $225 with minimum of 6 students 

 Concealed Carry

This eight (8) hour block of instruction was developed around the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services mandated course for Armed Security Officers with input from the Fairfax County Police Department.

The course covers the portions of the Code of Virginia that pertain to concealed carry as well as federal and local restrictions. It covers Virginia Law as it pertains to the use of Deadly Force, and provides insight into firearms maintenance, safe storage, equipment and ammunition selection, proper loading/unloading, shooting techniques and concludes with a written examination.

The firearms proficiency portion of the course consists of a 60 round 300 point modified PPC course that provides the student practice and experience drawing and firing at a stationary target at distances varying from three (3) to 15 yards. In order to successfully pass the practical portion of the course the student must have at least 225 points.(75%)

This is not a class for the novice shooter.

Upon successful completion the student is awarded a certificate with can be used to show the court the student has demonstrated competence, a requirement for the issuance of a Concealed Carry Permit.


            Pistol or Revolver

            60 rounds of ammunition for your weapon

            Strong side holster (with belt)

            If using a semi-automatic you will need at least two (2) magazines

            Eye and ear protection

(Glock 17 and Beretta 92, 9mm semi-automatic pistols and S&W .38spl. revolvers are available to rent, if the student is unable to provide their own firearms)


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