Private Group Class: Advanced Firearms Personal Protection

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Private Group Class Advamced Firearms Personal Protection Measures with live fire.

This course is for the person that wants to advance their firearms training in Personal Protection Measures using the range and live fire to advance their skills. This is for a group instruction for anyone interested in advancing their firearms skills. This training goes far above the basic firearms classes. Learn proper fundamentals and proper gun control how to stay alive when the going gets tough. Train at the center where many of these techniques were developed first hand. Understand why the technique really works. Go threw live fire shoot do not shoot scenarios and learn the proper use of force using live fire. These techniques will aid you in a time of crisis so you can act not just react when you need to. This is a self passed classroom you can go as fast or as slow as you need. Note: you do not have to be in top physical shape to perform any of these moves. We teach you to use your mind, body and surroundings as your number one defense. This program was designed to assist anyone with their decision process and aid them in a time of crises. Note: Student/ company is responsible for any weapon and  ammo cost.   
PRICE: $200.00 per hr per student (minimum number of students 4 maximum 8)