Non Lethal Control Techniques for everyone, Gun Disarmaments


and Control Techniques for everyone..
6 hours of training with scenarios for officer safety. This training goes far above the basic self defense technique as taught by other instructors. Learn proper gun disarmaments, and how to stay alive when the going gets tough. Train at the center where many of these techniques were developed first hand, not just from some one trying to mimic the real thing. Understand why the technique really works, not just how to mimic it, so you can do it when you need to. What a great learning tool for anyone. You will be glade you took this intro to self defense. Note: you do not have to be in top physical shape to perform these moves. This has bee designed for Law Enforcement and the average citizen that does not have time to do martial arts. After understanding the fundamentals you will fell safer and wiser after you have taken this class..

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