Executive Protection Specialist Handbook 2nd Edition


Executive Protection
Specialist Handbook

2nd Edition

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The original just got much better! The Second Edition of the EXECUTIVE PROTECTION SPECIALIST HANDBOOK is a major revision and update of the original, first published in 1994. The Second Edition is not a cursory update of the original. Every chapter has been extensively revised and expanded, and nine new chapters have been added.

The EXECUTIVE PROTECTION SPECIALIST HANDBOOK is an absolute must for those who provide protective services for executives, dignitaries, officials, witnesses, and other high-risk individuals. It covers nearly every contingency you will face.

The Second Edition even includes new information on how to conduct a Risk Assessment, Crisis Management, and WMD Response.
Even though the Second Edition has been expanded by more than 40 percent, it still is a 4” X 6” spiral bound book compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket for instant access.

The Second Edition has 30 chapters compiled in an easy to use checklist and survey format.

Biographical Data & Risk Assessment
Personality Cards
Command Post Briefing
Vehicle Equipment
Car Service Evaluation
Chauffeur Responsibilities & Guidelines
Automobile Search
Route Survey
Pre-Advance Coordination
Travel Contact Data
International Travel Plan
Airport Survey
Private & Corporate Aircraft
Private & Corporate Aviation Facilities
Movement On Foot
Hotel Survey
Building Survey
Restaurant Survey
Hospital Survey
Maritime Survey
Public Appearances
Crisis Management Plan
Bomb Threat Management Plan
Letter & Parcel Bomb Recognition
Handling & Opening Mail & Packages
Envelope or Package Disposal & Decon
WMD Recognition & Response
Unwelcome Visitors
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Search
First Aid

Executive Protection Specialist Handbook
2nd Edition

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