Pre-Deployment Firearms Training


Pre-Deployment Firearms Training

U.S. Central Command(CENTCOM) has made it a requirement for civilian contractors deploying in-theatre in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom(OIF) and Enduring Freedom(OEF) to receive basic self-defense oriented firearms training and weapons qualification. In light of this situation;

All American Body Guard Training Center is offering a first phase 6 hour training class for civilian contractors who will be or may be deployed to CENTCOM's Area of Responsibility who have limited or no previous firearms training or experience.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to;

* Firearms Safety

* Weapon Clearing and Malfunction Drills

* Basic Defensive Tactics with Handguns

* Employing a handgun under Stressful or Low-Light Conditions(based on student abilities)

* Firing from Barricaded Positions(use of proper Hard Cover)

* Firearms Retention Techniques

* Firing while wearing Ballistic Armor or Kevlar Helmets

The course is culminated by attendees firing a variation of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services(DCJS) qualification shoot, used to qualify armed security personnel in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The course is conducted with focus on the M9 Beretta and/or Glock 17/19 pistols, the most commonly issued weapons in-theatre.

The course includes both classroom study and extensive time on the range firing live ammunition.

On completion of the Course of Study and Qualification, All American Training Center will issue certificates and copies of qualification scores to attendees or their employer.

Class Size is limited to Six (6) Students per Training Evolution

Cost per student: TBD

The course is taught by two of our specialized instructors;

All of our instructors have extensive experience working with students with limited prior experience and consistently produce excellent results in their courses. They have attended specialized training at the Blackwater Training Center in Moyock, N.C. and most importantly for this type of training, have both served " Down Range" and served in High Threat and Non-permissive Environments.

An additional Training Module covering use of long guns used in-theatre such as M4/M16 or AK47 type weapons or more advanced training for contractors with prior experience or security responsibilities are also available. Please contact our training staff for information on these specialized courses.



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