Handgun Training for the High Risk


Handgun Training for the High Risk

Non-Permissive Environment

Training restricted to Law Enforcement /DoD & Government personal/ Security Contractors/Registered Armed Security Officers/and with Instructor Authorization Civilians with State Authorization to carry concealed handguns Non-American Citizens require official afflation with a Government Agency

 A 4 hour course of instructor that will cover the following topics:

          Safety and handling

        Reloading and malfunction drills

            Firing positions and barricades

            Drawing and firing techniques

            Firing on the move

            Low light firing

            Controlled pairs

            Strong and support hand firing

            Use of cover

            Close quarter battle techniques

Cost of Instruction: $500

This is not an entry level shooting course and the student should come with a minimum of intermediate skills and prepared for a high intensity shooting experience

Student requirements:

Semi-automatic pistol in caliber 9mm or larger; Minimum of 700 rounds of ammunition; Strong side holster; Minimum of 3 magazines and magazine pouch; Hearing protection; wrap around eye protection; Baseball style cap; closed toe footwear. Kneepads optional but suggested

Because of the content of the course of instruction class size is restricted to 4-6 students.




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