All American Training Center offers Bodyguard Training and is a full service agency headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with both national and international affiliates. It is registered and licensed, and has offices in the State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Virginia and other locations.

All American Bodyguard Training Center provides its clients with services matched by few and surpassed by none. It is staffed by dedicated professionals who provide specialized skills to resolve problems that elude others. It's operatives have backgrounds in training with the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, TSA, Secret Service, Police Departments, military, and various corporations.

Training for
Executive Protection
Private Investigation
Security Services
Risk Management
Background Investigations
Specialized Training
Process Service
and more....

Executive Protection
Risk Management
Security Services

All American Training Center, located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, operates an established modern training facility featuring a secured classroom and exercise arena where students benefit from both lecture and practical exercises.

All American Training Center performs the required fingerprinting and photos for Virginia DCJS and Maryland State Police security registrations.

The training center and the instructors are certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, Maryland State Police and the District of Columbia. In addition to the certification issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia the firearms instructors are also certified as Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors by the National Rifle Association.

Instructors teach unarmed and armed security officers, private investigators, personal protection specialists as well as a full curriculum to both local and federal law enforcement officers, military and members of the private sector. They also instruct the HR218 qualification course for all retired police officers.

Having all your training done at one facility provides the best in-depth training for each individual. We teach the beginner as well as the advanced student to satisfy the requirements of the government.

All American Bodyguard Training Center has worked and briefed local and federal law enforcement departments in many security issues.

All American Training Center is one of the few training centers that can train you to meet the requirements for Maryland, District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

All American Bodyguard Training Center feels that cooperation on all levels is important and vital to successful operations. It has always been our experience that cooperation reduces confusion and promotes effective enforcement, as well as alleviating problems in your registration in any of these states.

Law Enforcement Firearms Training
HR-218 Qualification DC and VA
Personal Protection Specialist Training
Advance Firearms Training
Basic Firearms Training
Shoot Don't Shoot Training
Concealed Carry Training
Anti-Terrorisms Training
Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Training
CPR, First Aid and AED Training
OC Deployment Training
ASP Training
Handcuffing Techniques
Officer Survival Techniques
Surveillance Training
Knife Fighting Techniques
DCJS Fingerprinting
DCJS Phots
Specialized Training for Corporations
Train Where The Best Train!
All American Executive Protection Training
Training for
Executive Protection
Private Investigation
Security Services
Risk Management
Countermeasures/ Debugging
Specialized Training
Process Service
DCJS Photos
and more....

All American Bodyguard Training Center Division
Diligencia Vis Celeritas
Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia

P.O. Box 220960
Chantilly, Virginia 20153-0960

VIRGINIA, MARYLAND and District of Columbia
Phone: (202) 639-0291
Fax: (202) 639-9711

The mission of PIN, the Police Information Network, is to provide a forum to promote and facilitate the sharing of information among a cohesive network of federal, state, local law enforcement officers/agents, regardless of department affiliation and jurisdictional boundaries, to aid individual efforts and to foster cooperative efforts in the fight against crime and terrorism. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment where ideas can be freely exchanged.

Donation Section
This section provides resources to law enforcement families during the time of crisis. We assist with the immediate expenses of travel, hotel and basic expenses for surviving families. This makes the surviving family members feel a since of belonging during this time of crisis. This also protects the identities of all donors and provides an immediate support to the surviving families. If you would want to be part of this silent brotherhood, known as the Blue Angels of Law Enforcement, we thank you. All members of the Blue Angels of Law Enforcement do not seek any publicity for their work and do not divulge the specific needs of the families they support. Each situation is unique and is tailored to the family’s specific need that is so suddenly faced with the horror of losing an important member of their family. Please note there is no tax credit for this silent brotherhood and each member is greatly appreciated for their generous donation. We simply provide this service and make sure all funds that are collected go directly to the fallen officer’s families. By providing them with the necessary funds immediately has made it possible for the family members to deal with the added expenses in rebuilding their lives during this time of crisis. The Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement during this time of crisis makes the families know that their loved ones are truly part of a bigger family and will always be remembered. You can be part of the Blue Angels of Law Enforcement. If you would want to become a Blue Angel simply make your donation and we will make sure all donations go directly to the families of our fallen Officers. We gladly offer this as a free service to all our men and women who protect us everyday.

 NOTE: Not affiliated with BIDS Inc 

              All American is an Independent Training Facility                     

Thank You for your support and we welcome you as a Blue Angel!

Thanks from All American Training Center's Bodyguard Division!
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